One of the harsh things, when you have to move to another place, is how your dog/pet will get used to the new place. Is it going to run from there? Is it going to feel comfortable in the first 2 weeks? Which moving company to use? What it is going to cost me?

Don’t worry, we have a solution. If you already have chosen the new apartment or house, it is really important to introduce the pet with the neighborhood and the property as well. The pet must love that place as much as you. You can also check for vets around the apartment. This is in case that you need some help for your four-legged friend.

The cats are not actually huge fans of the changes, so you may need some special help. Or you can bring some boxes before the actual moving, so some of the spells in the house will be familiar to the feline. When the big day comes, do a trick and leave the pet in a room with a closed-door. This action will prevent the animal to run when seeing unfamiliar people carrying your stuff.

When you are in the new place, this is going to be one big and scary adventure for your furry friends, so you can make it easier for them by letting them explore the property, room by room. Start with the first one, which includes some of their toys, food and litter box, if we talk about a cat. This will be like their home base.

When they start feeling safe, you can introduce them to another room. You will have time to unpack, and the little fellow will have time to explore it.

For the actual moving process, you are probably going to hire a moving company which will provide you packing services or even pack your belongings for you. Companies like Bos Moving Inc has helped many people for their moving needs. They have special cages if you have more than one animal so that they can be easily moved to the new place.

When we are talking about a house mover, you must hire only a reliable and insured company with good references. There are plenty of companies in Norfolk, VA that can provide you with reliable services.

If you have made the decision to change the place where you leave, you can contact Bos Moving Inc at (757) 304-8863 and leave the stressful moving process to the professionals.