Items You May Have to Move on Your Own

The easiest way to manage a moving project is by utilizing the services of a reputable moving contractor. These people know how to make your relocation more bearable. They can even help you pack your belongings so that you can use your last couple of weeks for more important tasks than packing. But, there is one thing that you need to know: your local moving company may not agree to move all your items.

In most cases, your mover will run you through the guidelines by which they do their work. Each company may have different guidelines; however, most of them use pretty much the same approach when it comes to moving dangerous items. Here is a list of items that your local moving company may not agree to transport.

Combustible or flammable items may not be on your mover’s list of items allowed for transportation. Lawnmowers or any other pieces of equipment that uses gasoline must be prepared in advance for moving. The process involves removing all gasoline from the tank, securing any sharp or dangerous components and wrapping the piece of equipment with blankets so that it won’t suffer any damage during transportation.

Your mover may not be able to move extremely heavy items such as pianos or safes. For these items, you may have to hire a specialized moving contractor.

It is a good idea to take valuable items with you rather than leave them with your mover. Coil collections, fine wine, important documents, money, and jewelry are some of the most common examples of things that you should move yourself. As an alternative, you can hire a mover who specializes in such services.

You may need to make special arrangements in case you’re planning to move frozen food, non-working cars, or pets. Make sure that you let your mover know about your items so that they can make the necessary arrangements for you.

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