The Key to a Successful Office Relocation Project

Only the thought of moving any size of business to another location is overwhelming and can lead to anxiety and stress. But, you should not be worry. There are many great commercial movers out there who can help you overcome any sort of challenges that you may have to face during your relocation. In addition to hiring a professional office mover, you should also follow these simple guidelines.

Get organized

One of the keys to a successful office moving project is to start preparing long before the moving date. The first things that you need to do are to determine the team adjacency, headcount, and any special requests. You should also have a meeting with all your team leaders in order to determine the most practical and efficient seating chart.

Get mobilized

In order to keep the downtime to a minimum, you need to start with your office equipment. Mobilize a very efficient team of IT specialists to disconnect and reconnect all your office equipment in as little time as possible. Time is of the essence, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be careless. Priority number one is the safe delivery of all equipment. All PCs, printers, phones, scanners, servers, routers, and other office equipment must arrive at your destination without any damage.

Get up-and-running

Once everything has been moved to the new office, it is time to get your employees unpack their stuff and get started. Ask your office mover to collect all empty boxes as your staff is unpacking. Make sure that you designate a small part of your office as a temporary “lost & found” area. This will help employees find missing items or things that got mixed up during transportation.

Your office mover plays a crucial role in getting your business up and running as soon as possible. Obviously, you need to hire a company that has experience in commercial moving. Bos Moving Inc is one of the most reliable and professional office moving service providers in Norfolk, VA. We have many years of experience in the business and offer fair rates. Call us at (757) 304-8863 for a free estimate.